Career Opportunity Fair ~ 2013

Alternative Income Expo ~ Entrepreneur Showcase ~ Empowerment Speakers Series ~ Cell Phone Collection Drive

6th Annual Career Opportunity Fair and Entrepreneur Showcase - Business, Sponsor, Program and Church 2015 VENDOR ANTICIPATION Pre-Registration Form

Date and time TBA.    Go to link and reserve your space with a fully refundable $10.00 deposit  SEE BELOW

Date and time TBA.    

Step 1:  Please fill out this form to show your interest in the event. Click "Submit" at bottom of the questionnaire to send application. 

You will receive an email confirming your desire to be a part of the event.  See below or click within form for information on vendor and sponsorship levels and payment instructions. 

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To complete this form, please check the correct box below to describe what type of vendor, sponsor or adverser you wish to be. Also, please fill in the appropriate information or put and "X" in the box if it doesn't apply to you.


See descriptions below, the proceed to the question box and check the one that applies to you.

ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY: If your business model generates income in the follwoing areas, this event is for you.  If you have opportunities for Independent Contractor, Sales, Marketing Customer Service, Franchises, Distributorships, Direct Sales, Product Sales, Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, place check below.

ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE: If you own your own business or if you have a talent, craft, product or trade you would like to promote an showcase to the community, this event is for you.  If this category fits you, check below.

COMMUNITY: If you are a part of a social, civic, service organization or association, this event is for you.  If this category fits you, check below.

AREA CHURCHES that wish to be a part of this event will receive a table for FREE by committing to lending two members for our event set up and breakdown crew.

They will receive free T-shirts and free lunch.

What type of vendor will you be? ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY Vendor
CHURCH Representative
What is the name of your business, organization, activity or church?
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This event is from 10am to 2pm. Will you be able to set up at 7am on the morning of the event and be out of the building by 4:30pm? (Please check one) Yes


Do you need to be near an electrical outlet.....No guarantees. Thought I would just ask! Yes

MESSAGE TO EVENT PARTICIPANTS: Please consider making a free-will offering to our event venue hosts, First Baptist Church North Indianapolis, on the day of the event.  Cash or checks will be accepted.  Cash can be placed in an envelope.  Checks can be made out to the church. 

You can also submit your donation at the Landing website

You will be notified concerning rates for tables, sponsorships and program ads.

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Step 2:  Go to link and reserve your space with a fully refundable $10.00 deposit



Questions?  Call 317-900-1001.